Laying the Groundwork for Creativity

Restarting the blog machine and laying the ground work(again):

You know all those things we try that never seem to add up to anything?  That meandering and dicking around that you can't see as useful in the near future?  I, like many people ,wonder why  I'am plagued by this sense of wastefulness.  Recently I came out of this phase where I was cutting things down to the essentials.  I wanted to focus on whats important but after awhile you become listless and useless feeling like you have to justify everything.

The point is I've recently noticed how most of the daily skills I use today I wouldn't of had with out meandering. Writing blogs for instance.  I cant remember what got me into it before but now several of my jobs and ambitions depend on the skills I got from that experience and maybe more in the future. These types of things are a long time coming but because any divergent activity has the potential to become useful I now deem no exploration fruitless. They pay off in different ways but I guess thats just a subtlety of the die hard mantra, "one should never stop learning"(imagine in wise voice). This is just one reason I have found to quit fearing the wasting of my time. The only real crime is not doing anything you care about with it.

So how does this thinking lay the groundwork for creativity?  Well you can start by acknowledging the usefulness of useless behaviour.  Exploration is a hypothetical experiment the preps you for moments that haven't even come yet. Its hard to imagine the pay off sometimes so if it helps, don't.  It can boggle your mind with fear thinking of the commitment you might have to make in order to justify another activity. Messing about lays the foundation for other interests and skills.  one could gawk at all the grand things you could do with say a drawing. ex comics, video games, illustration, architecture,... etc. So much can be accomplished with a simple drawing skill but it all takes ground work.  Practice, etc.  

But what if you can't be sure what your interested in? Thats fine, you wont be until you are! not making sense? Thats what laying ground work is; the production of things you care about/enjoy. They   sort of accumulate interest and become serious intrigue within you over time. The idea is to let yourself (your motivation and your skills) start small. Lay the foundation, build the confidence with all of the small things that make the larger tasks in your future possible.  At least that js my latest theory but its helping. I  hadn't blogged or sketched in so long because I got caught thinking about what its for. But its ridiculous because none of us know our future or what skills we will need. I couldn't of guessed where I am now 

 Exploring your interests prepares you for experiences you can't see yet and there allows you to have new ones.  I'm sketching and blogging because they interest me.  How do we draw potent imagery? What are useful things to share on the internet? No fucking clue, I guess I enjoy trying to find out.


For you visual foodies here a recent sketch from getting back into it. Enjoy: