Free Time vs Job

I, like many have sat in a coffee shop trying to write or draw something.  It is curious how some of us feel more comfortable here, away from home's distractions. The chatter of voices hum in the inner ear and lightly numb your brain.  It can be relaxing if you are not in a rush for once.  Sometimes the atmosphere is a bit too much but maybe at the heart of it we just wanted to be near people while we work.

I have a bit of whats been called "Free Time" so I sit and sketch something. A barista pours coffee somewhere across from me.

I have done and know I will continue to do shit jobs once in awhile. Doing what we have to and working toward something better.  What often fills the category of shit jobs reside in the service industry (As I write someone yells and complains angrily at a poor, tired server).  For many who feel more at home towards the arts it can feel like you have a habit to feed.  As I receive the coffee from todays establishment I have to wonder at how me and the employees spend our free time.

I wonder because given the day I may be in their shoes and them in mine, trying to let the mind wander enough into the next project or creative exploit.  Depending on your goals, what others might call your free time is actually your time to create and bring your best work to others.  Whether I am in the studio or this coffee shop, the person across the counter and I are so often switching perspectives by dancing along these economical borderlines.

The attire of the sever in front of me show a bit of the personality obscured by the uniform and I wonder what they do with their free time, what passion they try to feed. Few jobs like these are fulfilling so the modern dilemma is formed, we work one place to live somewhere else.  "Free time" can be mentioned as if it is some how unimportant or un-useful but for many it is the most treasured. 

Because to have free time where results don't matter the same way can be some of the only time we are allowed to grow.