Sketch+Thought: Living in a Fabricated World

Sketch:Fabricated Wire World [click to see]

I found myself sketching out this wire like grid one day.  I like that expansive feeling of when you can see walls and edges transparently, such as in 3D modelling programs. If you could see the buildings as the kinds the 3D diagrams they were originally drawn as I think you would see this complex mess of wires. Much like the movie "Tron" or any other were the viewer enters a computer's virtual world.

Between natural areas and cities a big difference is how an individual planned the urban environment.  I think this point can be so obvious that its significance might be missed.  This concept would mean we live in a pre-planned world within cities.  That how we use it is often guided by how they designed it.  It could mean our sense of safety is taken for granted in areas but forgotten in others and we couldn't truly know which is which as people in it.

For most of my life I wonder how this skews my perspective of a world when part of it harbours subtle intentions and safety margins. In this way, cities are like vast worlds of wire frames guiding you to consume or to at least not get killed.

One part of me wonders if I have taken much of my survival for granted when it could be the work of these wires. And knowing how much danger rests in any city, I wonder how well this handful of strangers whom I have no face to, designed my life.

Just a thought...