Sketch + Thoughts: Snow leopard

So often my sketchbook fills with lists, diagrams, measurements and questions for ongoing or upcoming projects or proposals. When I stared into the white abyss behind these numbers I remembered that cool scene in "Secret Life of Walter Mitty" where they search for snow leopards.  In the movie, the snow leopards are this metaphor of wildness and freedom that is very rare to find.

I feel when this creature looks back at you it has this gaze that is so present,  and above the bullshit.  It looks past the numbers, uncaring, somehow so beyond that.  The snow leopards gaze speaks to the natural part of you that wants more than the schedules and the plans.

To survive and really live is the wish of any animal.  For now, it felt to repurpose this old sketch page of notes and stress. Nothing wrong with sketching away the monotoney of your old worksheets.