Story Machines: What is the Job of an Artist?

Ive more or less started thinking that my Job as an artist is to be a Story teller.  Previous jobs I've known make you feel like a kind of robot and come with a job description to match.  These  duties are not so clear in nearly any creative field or life for that matter.  I end up continually asking myself what it is an artist does and why I do it.  If it was simple as making artworks to then sell then what do I think of people who look at it without buying? By that logic people without money don't matter and sadly that thinking is naturally prevalent in many industries.  

What about the un-conventional art pieces that are un-sellable yet leave an audience with more wonder in their lives?  What was the pay dirt then?  What do we give to others and ourselves by creating art? Whatever that could mean to you I think those actively viewing art are being enthralled by something that utilizes their senses in the act of deciphering what they are shown.  Before we consider how the content moves an individual it can be said this act of viewing is part of the pay off.

When I was in elementary, a blind man would tell stories with amazing energy to the classes of kids. I don't totally remember the stories but I always remember him and how much I enjoyed that part of the day.  Since I am not a machine that can produce cheap visual products for everyone I hope to tell good stories as well.

This sketch is about that inventing of visual language, asking what it is for, and just being enthralled by how it can feel like some scribble means something.  It can be a struggle because I tell stories through a made up language of art and I hope thats enough because it is my favourite thing to give.

Story machine