Another year of Painting; Kaleido festival

Thought I would recap my experience at the kaleido festival weekend for those that couldnt make with some photos. I painted for an intense 15 hours, with people all about, not to mention all the prep it takes before hand.  It is still funny to me that I get to do this now and wish I could try this more often at other events.  Not purely in a business sense but because of the excuse to art or paint non stop, outside and among people.  I'm hardly impervious to all the face to face time, as it zaps me, but it also feels thrilling, showing off the process s which I think is half of arts enjoyment.  I like that average people get exposure to this odd performance, maybe painting will seem more approachable for them later.  Anything other than art being trapped in white walls infused with elitist ideologies that make only a "rich people thing".  Overall, I guess doing this at festivals reminds me art is amazing when done to engage people honestly and humbly.  Art can then be more than excuses for price tags and pandering wall filler.  Heres is what it looks like talking to people and painting for the curious bystanders.

The funny but really cool part of this years experience is it was always the kids who were my biggest fans; their mouths would drop, some stared, and many dragged their parents over.  Most adults are so non-chalant about this kind of thing and oddly enough were the slowest to see that all the things I was depicting were in front of me.  All seemed to rediscover certain details about the real world after they started comparing my painting to it.  Rather than a contest of realism it seemed many were using it to realize more of what was in front of their own two eyes.

I think that is one of paintings greatest gifts.  Getting to re-see the vast magnitude of what I 'am not even noticing until I try to paint it.  Meanwhile I cant thank and adore enough, all the little kids that took time to notice me and enjoy it for themselves.   90% of the small coins I received in a little donation box beside me came from those kids sacrificing there very finite allowances.

If I take anything from that festival, it is this.

Kid's rule because they love and appreciate looking at the world with their fresh, bright eyes.